VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag Review

A tool bag is something essential, and that is why you need to get the best tool bag as possible. You will have a different best choice depending on what you want and what type of tools you usually use. While you can use any tool bag to keep these tools, but it’s much better to have a tool bag which is specially designed for that purpose. This way, you’ll have all the tools and accessories well-organized, easy-to-find, and avoid dragging losing your essentials while on the move.

The tool bags are portable and not so expensive, so every DIY enthusiast or handyman who likes to repair things around the house can certainly afford one. To help you select the best deal on the market, we have prepared a comprehensive review of VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag.

  • Pricing
  • Storage Capacity
  • Build Quality

The VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag is one of the best tools bags available on the market. The tool bag features a massive storing capacity which makes it a perfect choice for professionals who use different tools on a regular basis. It features 67 pockets including 61 vertical pockets, six separate zippered pockets, and a stainless-steel clip on the outside. It can hold more than 100 different hand tools thus enabling you always to be prepared for whichever task at hand.

The bag looks like it is built from solid steel, but it is probably not. The VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag is made from pure 1800 PVC impregnated denier which makes it incredibly safe and secure against all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, it has a waterproofed base – the 3 mm polypropylene base that keeps water from its bottom, so you don’t have to worry about all your essentials getting damaged by water. For sure, this tool bag is one of the hardest tool carriers available on the market.

The VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag features a compact and ergonomic design with the non-slip, well-padded, adjustable shoulder strap for a better and comfortable carrying experience. Also, the tool bag features overhead carrying handle which makes it quite easy to carry around.

Another impressive thing about this tool bag is that it comes with a five-year limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. This means that no matter what happens to the tool bag in five years, the VETO will gladly offer you a replacement. But know that there are some Terms and Conditions as to what the item should be returned.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof body fabric (1800 PVC impregnated denier)
  • Waterproof base (3mm polypropylene)
  • Heavy-duty fastenings and zippers for durability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Over-molded carrying grip and non-slip extra-wide adjustable shoulder strap
  • Holds more than 100 different hand tools


  • Item Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 13.5-inches by 9.5-inches by 20.2-inches
  • Color: Brown, Black
  • Pockets included: 67 pockets – 61 vertical pockets and six zippered pockets
  • Stainless steel tape clip: Yes
  • Neoprene pockets: none
  • D-Rings: 4 large and 5 small, powder coated steel
  • Rivets: 38 zinc, marine grade rivets
  • Stitching: industrial strength double nylon stitching
  • Warranty Description: 5-year limited warranty

Final Verdict

Overall, this tool bag has everything you might expect from a mobile tool carrier. The VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag features a weatherproof body design, waterproof base, and heavy-duty fastenings and zippers which ensures the durability of the bag. If you’re still on the hunt for convenient and robust tool bag for your day-to-day activities, then the VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag is the best buy for you.