STANLEY Powerlock 25FT TAPE Rule Review

Stanley Powerlock 25-feet tape rule is one of those measuring equipment that shows an inclusion of all the factors needed to use industrial measuring tapes in all conditions. It is important that tape measures are stable during measurements to save time and ensure accuracy. This tap rule was made to with a secure blade lock that prevents creeping during measurements.

This Powerlock tape rule from Stanley is part of the Stanley 33 series built for durability and accuracy. It is a highly portable tape rule with a weight of 1 Ounce. The features of this tape rule include basic and adaptable features that enhance its usability over different conditions. It is ideal for professional as well as personal use. DIY enthusiasts have found a dependable tape rule in this product.

STANLEY Powerlock 25FT TAPE Rule
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The dimension of this rule is 25 feet by 1 inch which is ideal for measurement needs. The 1-inch width of this tape improves its readability. The blade is lockable and standardized to prevent slippage and ensure the accuracy of measurements; it is also coated with Mylar polyester film for enhanced durability. The Mylar polyester coating prevents against wear from repeated use. Tape rules are meant to be used over and over again, and this feature ensures that this Powerlock tape rule is ideal for long-term use.

Other standard features of this tape rule include a belt hook for easy accessibility and 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud center markings. This Stanley Powerlock tape rule also comes with a heat-treated spring; this is a huge plus on the durability of this product.

Stanley has shown a commitment to making durable tape rules, and the features of this tape rule are proofs of this commitment. The Tru-Zero hook acts as a pivot for measurement and making of arcs and circles. Thus hook also adjusts automatically inside and outside around the measurement points to ensure efficient readings. This makes this tape rule a great choice for corners and edges.The two-colour graphics of this tape rule also improves the readability of the measurements.

As expected with a product that includes a lot of great features, this tape has done well on Amazon. The reviews are overall great; there are currently over 1,000 customer reviews with most of them commending the durability and accessibility of the product. Some buyer who got this tape rule as a result of their experience with Stanley produced were also impressed with the quality. There were a few complaints of snaps and breakages though. One buyer wrote that, apart from the white cube where names can be inscribed which he expected on this product, all his other expectations were met. Another buyer praised the overall quality of this tape stating that it was the kind of tap that one could pass down to another generation.

The Verdict:

Portability, durability and accuracy are the basic characteristics of a reliable tape rule, and this 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches tape rule comes with features that support these characteristics. This Power lock tape is one that you should check out when shopping for measuring tools.