MILWAUKEE 35FT Tool 48-22-5135 Magnet Tape Measure Review

Tape rules are industrial and household tools which are used by carpenters, electricians, and construction workers. They are known for portability, accuracy and reliability. A good tape rule has features that make it a dependable partner for taking measurements. Milwaukee 35-inch Elec Tool 48-22-5135 Magnet Tape Measure is one of those dependable partners.

MILWAUKEE 35FT Tool 48-22-5135 Magnet Tape Measure
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This tape rule is one of Milwaukee’s power tools for household and industrial use. It has a weight of 1.7 pounds, and the dimensions are 4.8 by 2.8 by 7 inches. This length of the tape rule is 35 inches; this should serve basic measurement needs appropriately. It is a magnetic tape rule: this means that it stays put on steel and other magnetic material during measurements. This magnetic component increases the accuracy of measurement and gives this tape an advantage for measuring magnetic materials. This magnetic component is on both sides of the tape rule making it a perfect choice for taking measurements of steel studs, EMT and threaded rods. It sticks to EMT frames from the bottom and steel studs from the top.

Due to the ruggedness of the work conditions and environments where tape rules are used, minor accidents may occur. This Milwaukee product protects from such accidents with a finger stop protection feature during blade retraction. This feature shows a consideration for workplace safety by Milwaukee.

Tape rules are meant for long-term use. Preferably, one should be able to pass down a reliable tape rule to a younger generation. Other features of this tape measure include a 5-point reinforced frame that shows the strength quality of the blade and a nylon bond blade protection. This extra coating of the blade prevent wear and tear from repeated use of tape rules. This nylon blade protection is an attestation of the fact that this tape rule was made for long-term use.

Accuracy is synonymous with tape rule: a reliable tape rule should be able to able to tell dimensions to the most accurate points. This 35-ft Milwaukee tape rule comes with a blueprint scale that measures up to 0.25 and 0.125 inches. The measurement scale is also printed on both sides of the blade to increase readability. The 360-degree hook attachment and 9-inch standout also make this tape ideal for measuring arc and segments.

The Milwaukee 35-inch magnet tape rule comes in black and red colours. The wire form belt clip also reduces the occurrence of pocket tears ensuring that the tape measure can be taken anywhere with the owner. This tape measure also crimes with a lifetime warranty according to information from the manufacturer’s website.

The Verdict:

The overall review of this product on Amazon is 3.8 out of 5. There is a total of 23 customer reviews with 52% of the reviews giving a 5-star rating. Buyers praised the durability and accuracy. There were, however some complaints about the quality and weight

Overall, from the specification and reviews, this is a product that presents great potential regarding quality, accuracy and durability.