FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife –  Review

 Are you searching for a durable pocket knife?

Probably, you have gone through the unlimited options available in the market and are finally tired of watching all those similar kind of products. Indeed, it is quite difficult to make the decision for purchase when all competitive products start to head to head war for features. But don’t worry! Here we are going to review one of the top rated products for you so that you can easily take a beneficial decision for purchase.

We are going to talk about FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife – Heavy Duty Box Cutter with Holster, Quick Change Blades. It is popular for its awesome lightweight, stylish aluminum finish that makes it stand out among competitors. There are so many impressive features loaded to FC Folding pocket utility knife; prefer to spend some time on this page. Keep reading; soon you will be able to collect the best information about this portable hand tool.


FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife
  • Price
  • Built Quality
  • Weight

  • Fit to pocket design:

This utility knife folds easily and can stay safe inside your pocket so that you can take it out instantly to handle the jobs. The overall dimension of this knife is 6.6 inches only and when you fold it, it closes down to only 4.3-inch length. That means it can rest in your pocket without creating any trouble. Don’t worry about weight, it is only 4.8 ounces.

  • Can handle every job perfectly:

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife is made up of heavy duty type carbon steel blades so you will find it good for most of the routine tasks. It can open boxes for you, can be used to slice a rope, this knife can easily cut carpets, wallpapers, plastics, and cardboards as well. So it is really good to keep it with you all the time.


  • Safe and Easy to use:

The easy to handle one button type lock back design makes this knife easy to handle. The blade can be locked instantly to ensure efficient and safe cutting operation. Note that, the blade stays well secured even when the knife is not in use.

  • Instant Blade Change:

Users find this knife convenient to use because of its quick blade change technology. The great news is that there is no need to use any specialized tool to remove the blade and FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife accepts all standard size blades with ease.

  • Durable Design:

You will be glad to know that this blade is made up of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Manufacturers claim that it is a rust-resistant, lightweight and highly durable choice with ergonomic handles so that users can handle it with ease.



  • Easy to use.
  • Quick blade change.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Not yet found.

The Verdict:

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife is available online with 100% money back guarantee so it is definitely a risk-free purchase option. Prefer to order your knife now and it will soon reach your doorstep to assist you for routine cutting needs.